Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Wednesday blues

I think, most of people have "monday blues" syndrom. Which is, they will feel lazy to go to work,class,etc. I think its a normal syndrom. Lagi2 bila da cuti dua hari kan? rasa nak sambung cuti je.haha

But, this semester i've "wedneday blues"! Its because i only have a class on wednesday and it start at 12.30pm! Huh! Can u imagine, btapa malasnya rasa nak pegi kelas?dah la 1kelas je. Waktu lunch hour je pulak tu. sabar je lah.

And, during the class,the lecturer just have a short briefing on assessment and she only teach the definition of strategic management. Yes, only definition of strategic manangement! And she's spending almost of the class time to book flight ticket to our class trip. (=_=) arggh! I feel like want to jump from level80! Tension! I came to class just to learn how to book flight ticket! (=_=) sabar je lah kan?

So,to show that i'm in wednesday blues, i wear blue colour's tshirt n handbag today. Ni pun pakai tshirt sb xpayah iron. Can u see how lazy i am? haha :p

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