Friday, 13 September 2013

Business : Printing service

Printing service is a really high-demand service for students. as a student, we are always need to print assignments, lecturers notes, etc. 

Due to high demand and low supply (yelah, kedai printing ade 1 je kat bawah tu), as a future "entrepreneur", i want to fullfil the customer needs and wants!  i'll provide a printing services for Kolej Mawar's student. 

operation hours.
we'll be operate EVERYDAY except semester break! 
monday - thursday : 6.00pm to 1.00 am
friday - sunday : 24 hours

2A- 05 - 01 A, Kolej Mawar

Printing charges:
Black & white - RM0.20/pcs
Colour - RM0.30 and above

#For opening promotion, u will get coklat Daim for free! 
(limited to 2 person only hahaha)

so, let's support me & print your assignment/notes with me,now! haha

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