Wednesday, 25 September 2013


I have a passion on baking. i love to try new recipe. walaupun tak pernah pergi mana2 kelas buat kek, tapi gigih jugak nak try buat. i just do some research about recipe from internet and youtube before bake a cake. hehe

so, this is my first try of rainbow cake. i make this cake for my lil bother's birthday party. it take almost 6 hours to prepare this cake! jz because i only have a small oven. rainbow cake have 7 layers! so, i need to bakar one by one. that's why la lama gila. sampai sakit pinggang berdiri lama sangat!

walaupun penat, tapi puas hati! sbab dapat cuba benda baru. so, tengok la kek tak seberapa ni. ahhhaha

1 comment:

  1. wahhh...nampak sedap sis..lps ni boleh ambil tempahan pulak :)



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