Tuesday, 17 September 2013


For your information, i just started my printing at my hostel room few days a go. Alhamdulillah. so far, everything is ok and still under control. but, there's a thing that i hate most. I LOST MY PRIVACY! :(

just imagine, when i went to shopping, someone call my phone because she want to print her assignment. besides that, when i want to take bath, someone come to my room to print something. last night, a girl come to my room just want to print a piece of letter. and i was sleep at that time. i think it almost 1 am. (T_T) because of customer is always right, so, i wake up and entertain her. even she want to print a piece of letter only. (T_T) owhh how sad. i need my privacy back. 

so, it's not easy to do a printing business. customer will come to my room anytimes. I need to make sure my room is always in a good,neat & tidy condition. (malu oi kalau org dtg bilik bersepah²). besides i lost your privacy, my laptop also will be in high risk because the customer will always have virus in their pendrive. 

business partner :P

but, it's okay. i know, there are many barrier and challenges in doing business. I will take it as a stepping stone to make me become better. so, i will never give up and i'll try to give a tiptop service to my customer. InsyaAllah. ha, if you want to print something, just come to my room ok? hahha (sempat lagi promote)

till then,
hani :)

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