Thursday, 12 September 2013

Semester 5

supposedy, this is my final semester in UiTM.
but, unluckily i've to extend my study.
that's mean i need to do my practical on my 7th semester.
bcos i've another 26 credit hour yg tak settle lagi.

ni bukan sebab repeat paper.
it just because TAK manage credit hours betul2.
pastu, tak boleh amek semua subjek sebab dah lebih maximum credit hour.

so, i've to stay another 1 semester here. :(
wuuu so sad. 
org nak grad cepat2. nak kerja cepat2.

it's ok. i know,everythings happen with a reason.
so,maybe Allah give me a chance to focus kaw² on my study.
n i target to get Dean List this sem. 
(after 2 semester frust sb lg sikit nk dean list)

so, please pray for my success.

thanks for reading. 

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