Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Purpose

As you know, this is my second blog.  actually, this blog was created for some purposes. This blog was created just for my MGT417 (Information Technology in Business) assessment. It will contribute 20% of the Continuos Assessment (carry marks). It such a BIG % ! 20% kot! 

I will try my best to achieve that 20%. even i'm not good enough in writing. especially in english writing. (=____=) 

Our lecturer, Dr Anizah asked us to UPDATE our blog DAILY & bases on ALL subject related to our course. So, insyaAllah i'll share everything about BBA (Hons) Entrepreneurship course. For example, the background, the subjects, maybe i'll share my assignment too. hihi :)

so guys, i really need your support! let's do visit my blog daily. insyaAllah you will get some input or information. and don't forget to drop some comment or feedback.

thank you ♥

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