Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Student Bukan Orang Kaya

Yesterday, i went to Festival Mawar Anggun dan Indah (FEMINA) in Kolej Mawar. There are stalls selling cupcakes, juices, burger and other foods. So, i decide to buy Bakso for my lunch because i dont like to "berebut2 macam anak ikan" time nak beli makanan. normally, in lunch time, Dataran Cendekia is very crowded. so, i went to FEMINA's stall to buy lunch. what suprising me is, the food price is much expensive compared to Dataran Cendekia (DC). just imagine, a small bowl of bakso mee with a few tiny slice of meat cost RM5! kalau kat DC, RM4 siap ade bebola bakso bagai. =__= ok ini baru satu kes. i got another story.

last few week, there are a IT Fair held in Dewan Kolej Mawar. so, i plan to buy powerbank for my lil brother. i assume the price must be more cheaper or same like other IT fair outside UiTM. but, when i compare the price between IT Fair in UiTM and IT Fair in Plaza Alam Sentral, the price in UiTM IT Fair is moooooore expensive than Plaza Alam Sentral IT fair. 

just imagine, the power bank in UiTM IT fair is RM69.90 but it Plaza alam sentral, it just RM39.90 only! actually, they are same brand, same design, same power (3300 mAh) ! gila mahal kot! dua kali ganda!

Dear sellers, we are student. we dont have any income yet. we only owe from PTPTN! we just received RM3000++ per semester. after deduct the college fees, education fees, we just have RM 2000++ to survive for 6 months! tu belum masuk transportation fees, utilities, books, makan, etc. so, PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME THAT STUDENT ARE RICH! and please don't put extra-expensive price. we dont have any income yet! 

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  1. itu semua nama nya nk amek kesempatan...




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