Friday, 29 March 2013


last wednesday, our Course Coordinator send me and my friends to Intekma Hotel at Seksyen 7, Shah Alam. We went there for BUSINESS MODEL JUMPSTART CHALLENGE. this seminar was organized by MASMED.

the seminar start at 8am until 2 pm. we learn a lot of things there. especially in preparing Business Plan. they taught us how to do Business Plan canvas. Business plan canvas is actually look alike business plan. but its more short, simple n easy to understand.  normally, business plan is more than 10 pages. but business plan canvas ONLY A PIECE OF PAPER! sounds great right? everything about company (key planning, target customer, costs, revenue, etc) will be state on that canvas!  but it's not in detail. but, we still can understand the business planning!

after the speaker, fasilitator give some briefing, examples and exercises,  at the end of this seminar, we have a challenge. we need to prepare a business plan for a new company. the speaker give us a bicycle and RM3000 as capital. besides that, we are not allowed to rent that bicycle, don't sell that bicycle and we are do not allowed to do any event.  so, we need to us our creativity to create a new company with very limited resources. the duration of this challeng only 15 minutes! so, we need to brainstorming in a short time duration.

finally, we decided to open a wayang pacak with that bicycle. our target customer are families, couples and elderly. the cost includes in this project is cost for buy white screen,  rent a motor, projector and PA System. on that event, we plan to generate extra money with selling food & beverages, renting a bean bags and mattress. we also rent spaces for sellers to open booths. besides that, we will generate money by selling wayang pacak's ticket.

so, thats are our planning. now, we need your coorperation to kindly vote our group, WAYANG PACAK'S GROUP. to make sure we will win RM2,000! so, this is the link. 

TQ :)

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